The Dickey Tsering Children’s Home

In 2015, our co-founder and creative director, Sah D’Simone, visited the Dickey Tsering Children’s Home in Kathmandu and found himself captivated by the charm, warmth, and grit of the 70 children. The school’s founder, Geshe Sonam Wangchen, is a much-beloved and high vision Nepalese monk whose intoxicatingly inspiring, comforting vibe draws people in like a warm hug from a wise old friend. Sah felt an immediate call from his heart to be of service to these extraordinary people.
Geshe founded the organization to give shelter, education, and hope to the city’s orphaned children after the earthquake of 2014 destroyed much of the city and its institutions. Nepal is home to a painfully imbalanced society. In its abundantly beautiful sprawling landscapes that range from snow-capped mountains to ancient sacred villages, nearly half the population lives in extreme poverty conditions due to ongoing ethnic conflicts and the lack of a skilled workforce.
It took many years for all of us to come together and start HVC and it's our ongoing effort to bring hope to a country that has been so meaningful in all of our personal journeys.
For us to provide food and shelter to a child at Dickey Tsering for just one day, is just $1. To send one of them to school each day is just $1 more. That means every hat you purchase here takes care of the basic needs for one child for 3 days! For every T-shirt, 5 days! For every sweatshirt, 7 days! What you see as pocket change can be life-changing for these children.
We have the power to help Geshe Sonam Wangchen to continue providing a safe, nurturing space for the 70 children. We have the power to provide these children the resources they need to flourish into a new generation of positive change-makers.

Let’s step up to support them, and show them that they are valuable, they are important, they are loved.
Be the change. Be the solution. Be part of the HIGHER VISION. Join the club.